Meet Our Business Partners Partners


We are partners with SAP on the “Extended Business Member” (EBM) programme authorised to market, sale, implement and support SAP’s Business One software.

We are Pastel Accounting Forum Member, Authorised Resellers, Certified Installation Technicians and Product Consultants for Pastel Accounting Products. We are also Authorised Resellers and Installation Technicians for Paste Payroll Products.

Meet Our Business Partners

  •  Yellow Payroll

    We are authorised resellers and installation technicians for Yellow Payroll for their Yellow Payroll software.


    AIKNS Consulting Ltd. & AIKNS & Associates: a chartered accountants firm based in Lusaka, Zambia that we collaborate with on assignments.

  • Adonaijah Consulting Services

    A company based in Midrand, RSA,  specializing in SAP implementation and other related IT support services that we collaborate with and supports us on IT related projects.

  • Wealthtree

    Wealthtree, a body of business support consultants and specialists based in India with business partners (consultants) over 30 countries including RSA.

  • Kwenga Consulting

    Kwenga Consulting, a consulting company based in Vasteras, Sweden specializing in the provision of management consulting, management training programmes and corporate facilitation.

  • Chase Chartered Accountants (SA)

    Registered Auditors

  • MKM Solutions

    MKM is a firm of Chartered Accountants and Management Consultants with operations in the sub-region led by individuals with a wealth of experience in various professional fields obtained in leading international and local accounting firms, banking institutions, industrial and other organisations. The firm’s registered office is in Lusaka, Zambia; from where our consultants service our client needs in the SADC and COMESA region.